The HMS Trusty S-class Destroyer

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Sent in by © Jacqueline Pratt. A photo of the HMS Trusty Battleship which belonged to her grandfather.
The HMS Trusty was an 'S' Class Destroyer, one of a class ordered towards the end of World War 1.

Name: Trusty
Pendant: H56
Builder: White
Launched: 6 Nov 1918
Completed: 9 May 1919
Scrapped: 25 Sep 1936

Five ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Trusty:
HMS Trusty a 50-gun fourth rate launched in 1782 as a troopship from 1799 and a prison ship from 1809, then broken up 1815.
HMS Trusty a ironclad floating battery launched 1855 and broken up 1864.
HMS Trusty a tug launched 1866 and broken up 1920.
HMS Trusty a S-class Destroyer launched 1918 and broken up 1936.
HMS Trusty a T-class Submarine launched 1941 and broken up 1947.

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