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The Shooting

Mick and Paddy are out in the country shooting rabbits. Suddenly, right in front of his friend, Mick falls to the ground, throws a quick spasm then lies perfectly still.

He doesn't seem to be breathing, his eyes are rolled back in his head. In fact, he looks pretty well dead!

Quick as the flash, a horrified Paddy whips out his mobile and calls 999. He gasps breathlessly to the operator .....

"Mick just fell to the ground right here in front of me! He's not breathing. He has no heartbeat! I think he's dead! What can I do?"

Well accustomed to this sort of situation however, the emergency operator responds with her most soothing tone ...

"Okay Paddy, you must try to stay calm. If there's anything can be done, we'll do it. But you will have to keep your cool, then we can take it one step at a time! Okay?"

"Sure! Sure! Of course, your right. I'm fine. Just tell me what must I do?"

"Great! Now first of all, lets make sure he's dead."

The line goes silent, then a shot is heard .....

Paddy's voice comes back down the line ..... "OK! What Next?"