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A Delivery Of Monkeys

A lorry driver breaks down on the M6 with a cargo of live monkeys on board, bound for Chester Zoo.

They need to be delivered by 9:00 AM and the driver fears he will get the sack if he doesn't get them there on time.

He decides to try and thumb a lift for his monkeys, and eventually an Irish lorry driver pulls over.

"Where are you going?" asks the Irish lorry driver.

"Do us a favour mate and take these monkeys to Chester Zoo," says the driver, "There's a 100 pounds in it for your troubles."

"Happy days," says the Irish fella, and loads the monkeys into his truck and drives off.

The lorry driver goes about trying to fix his truck and is there for a good few hours.

He then sees the Irish fella driving back down the motorway, still with all the chimps on board. Panicking, he flags him down again.

"What the hell at you playing at," he fumes, "I gave you a 100 quid to take them to Chester Zoo!"

"I did," says the Irish fella, "but there's still 50 quid left, so now we're off to Alton Towers."