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A Faulty Chainsaw

A man goes into a hardware store and asks about the various chainsaws for sale. "I need a good one, as I've got to cut down lots of trees in my back garden." he tells the dealer. The dealer sells him the latest top-of-the-range chainsaw and says "This saw will cut down hundreds of trees a day, no problem!"

So, the man takes the chainsaw home and begins cutting down his trees. After cutting for several hours, he has only managed to cut down 2 small trees. He thinks to himself, this is hard work and decides to quit for the day. "I'll start early tomorrow." the man says to himself.

Next morning the man gets up at 6am. He cuts all day but still only manages to cut down 5 trees. The man is convinced he's been sold a bad saw. "I'll take this saw back to the store tomorrow and complain!" he mutters.

The very next day, the man takes the chainsaw back to the store and confronts the dealer with his problem. The dealer baffled by the man's claim, removes the chainsaw from it's case and says, "Hmm, looks fine to me but I'll test it for you myself."

The dealer starts up the chainsaw.

To which the man responds, "What's that loud noise?"