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Avro Lancaster Mark III Bomber

The Avro Lancaster

The four engined Lancaster with it's crew of seven was the RAF's best heavy bomber of World War II. Lancasters flew 156,000 sorties in Europe and dropped 608,612 tons of bombs. The most common bomb load was incendiaries plus a 4,000lb. The Lancasters of 617 Squadron of 'The Dambusters' fame, were equipped to spin and release the bouncing bomb designed by Barnes Wallis to breach the Ruhr dams. During the course of the war, from a total of 7,377 built - 3,345 Lancasters were reported missing.

Top Speed: 270 mph
Engines: 4 x 1,460hp Rolls Royce Merlins
Armament: 8 x .303 machine-guns (14,000lb bomb load)
Max flying height: 20,000 ft
Range: 1,660 miles