How Sleep Apnea can affect your partner

A paragraph from my wife

Nasal mask and chin strap. Stops mouth falling open while asleep After many years of constant snoring by my husband, the snoring became so loud that I was unable to sleep at all.

It was then that I noticed he would stop breathing for long periods and then start gasping for breath. I'd shake him and he would resume breathing normally for a while. This would repeat every 15 minutes throughout the night. He had no recollection of this happening to him, but it was very distressing for me.

I insisted that he seek medical advice and following a sleep study, he was diagnosed as having severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea. After 3 years of unsuccessful operations and treatments, he was finally given a tracheostomy which is a total, yet very drastic cure. This was something completely new to us and has now changed our lives, Sandra.

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The photo (right) is a Nasal mask and chin strap. The chin strap stops the mouth falling open while you are asleep. The photo (left) is a Pilot type mask, for use when a patient cannot breathe enough through their nose.

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