Night Time Breathing Problems

Written by Dora

Hi. Where do I start?

First, I am not a doctor or a nurse, and I do not have any medical background. I am not over or under weight. I am approximately 5 ft tall and weigh approximately 100 lbs. If I were on stage doing my comedy act, I would say, "I am built low to the ground for speed." I work full time as a Realtor in Orange County, California. I am not a spring chicken!

For years I have sold and used food supplements and have thought of myself as a healthy person. I have lots of energy and people are always telling me they want my energy. So, the experience I am about to tell you about was completely foreign and baffling to me and my husband. That is the reason I am willing to share it with you.

About 3 years ago I woke up in the middle of the night unable to breathe. Obviously, I finally got my breath. I never had any problems like that before. That happened again maybe a month later. I went to the doctor, he basically ignored the symptom. It happened again and I told my chiropractor. She said it sounded like gas and suggested I get a couple of bottles of "Magnesium Citrate Oral Solution" and swallow some the next time it happens. It happened again and I swallowed the stuff and could breathe.

Because the chiropractor suggested it could be gas, I began taking an enzyme at night before I went to bed. Then, because it wasn't happening again, I cut the enzyme in half and then I had the breathing problem again. Not being able to breathe is a scary situation! Then, for a while I took the "Magnesium Citrate Oral Solution" before I went to bed. Now, I am only taking one enzyme before I go to bed. I keep a bottle of "Magnesium Citrate Oral Solution" in the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. Obviously, I do not want to be without a bottle of it. We even packed a couple of bottles of it when we went on vacation last year.

Close to bedtime I generally take my food supplements with water and protein powder. Often times, I notice I burp. Therefore, I take the enzyme with with whole fruit juice, carrot juice or milk. I do not take the enzyme with water because water stops the hydrochloric acid from working...and I think I want it working if I want to prevent getting gas and/or having a breathing problem.

I have not had a breathing problem for awhile at least since the first of this year.

We have all heard about sudden infant death or whatever they call it. Since I have had this problem and seem to have found a solution to it, I often wonder if the parents had burped the baby enough before putting it down to sleep. So, if you know someone who has a baby, suggest to them they take the time to burp the baby more than once. I don't know how long or how many times, it has been too long since I had my children.

About two months ago I heard about two herbalists who both suggested doing a detox of the colon, and the kidneys. I remember years ago when we started selling food supplements, they told us the body was like a cesspool. But no one ever told me how to detox the body. We have detoxed the bowel and kidneys and are happy with the results. Hopefully, if I detox the body on a regular basis, I will stop having the breathing problem.

Dora, California.

Thanks Dora for this insight into a night-time breathing problem

Note: This information is not medical advice. Always see your doctor if you have a health problem.