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Helping Down and Outs

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A few days ago, I was walking down the street, minding my own business. In front of me was one of those people you often see in cities these days. Wearing torn clothing and toting two plastic bags of belongings, my heart went out to this person.

Some people turned to look, but others walking with their wives or girlfriends stared straight ahead, pretending not to see. Remembering my Christian upbringing: "Care for the needy, feed the hungry, and clothe the naked", I felt I had to reach out to this person.

It is true that some people don't see past the rags, but I saw one of God's creatures in all its beauty. As I walked behind this person, an inner voice urged me forward. "Reach out, reach out!"  The urge was so strong, that I did.

And this is what happened!

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A mistaken identity and my recovery in hospital

I regret reaching out now, but I'll be up and about again in a few months.