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Puzzles for Blondes

Connect The Dots (category: Difficult)

(a) Use an Indelible Pen and place it on the screen at dot marked 1.
(b) Move your pen across the screen, drawing a line to dot marked 2.

Using an Indelible Pen saves you having to re-solve the puzzle at a later date. Who's the smart one, Eh? Harder ones are available with 3 dots for only $5. Contact me if you require this version.

Intelligence tests

Intriguing Maze (category: Very Hard)

Tip: If you're successful at puzzle 1, and if you've marked the screen with your pen:
Scroll the screen up, and the line should give you a clue to solving the maze puzzle!

Please do not reveal the solutions to anyone, thanks!
If you're not a blonde, you might like to recommend this to someone else in your office?