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My Exton Family Tree

Some of the births, marriages and death certificates I've applied for can yield a wealth of information and are really interesting to read. The British Census household records can also be extremely useful in tracing other family members. Please use the Contact Editor link at bottom of page if your surname is Exton. Red links in boxes (where available) display extra information and documents.
William Exton
b.1776 Empingham
d.1842 Buckminster
William Exton
b.1799 Buckminster
d.1874 Melton Mowbray
Mary Dewey
b.1763 Grantham
d.1837 Buckminster
William Rouse Exton
b.1841 Sewstern
d.1896 Sheffield
Sarah Ann Rouse
b.1812 Stamford
d.1861 Sewstern
George William Exton
b.1868 Sewstern
d.1932 Sheffield
Violet Bristow
b.1841 Walcot, Lincs
d.1912 Sheffield
George Higgins Exton
b.1906 Sheffield
d.1974 Sheffield
Joseph Higgins

Elizabeth Higgins
b.1870 Sheffield
d.1955 Sheffield
Harriet E. Higgins
b.1841 Rawmarsh

Robert Exton
b.1946 Sheffield

Lorna May Exton
b.1942 Sheffield
d.2007 Sheffield
Judith Anne Exton
b.1938 Sheffield

Samuel Ashton
Samuel Ashton
b.1885 Bury, Lancs
d.1963 Sheffield
Ethel ?
May Ashton
b.1909 Bury, Lancs
d.1955 Sheffield
George Fazackerley
Florence Fazackerley
b.1885 Bury, Lancs
d.1959 Sheffield
Not known yet