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William Rouse Exton born: 29-04-1841 at Sewstern. Married to Violet (Violette) Bristow on 24-11-1834.
Early records show him as William Rouse Exton, but the "Rouse" wasn't included in later records.
Occupation of father is down as "Carrier" which seems a bit vague. A carrier of what?

It was the custom to use the mother's maiden name as a middle name, so this may be the case. It turns out that this was true as I progressed.

William Rouse Extons birth certificate

William seems to be travelling about a lot, as all the children are born in different places. He is obviously going where the work is, and maybe didn't have his own abode, as I shepherd would be very poorly paid.

1881 Census (Dowsby)

William ExtonHeadM40ShepherdBuckminster, Leics
Violet ExtonWifeF40Shepherds WifeWalcot, Lincoln
George ExtonSonM12ScholarSewstern, Leic
Naomi ExtonDaugF9ScholarAunsby, Lincoln
James ExtonSonM6ScholarMorton, Lincoln
Fred ExtonSonM3 Hemingby, Lincoln
Violet was originally spelt Violette. As she was illiterate, in later records it would have been written in for her in the way she pronounced it. This is shown in the birth certificate of her 1st son George.

George William Extons birth certificate