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1841 Census (Sewstern)

William Exton41Ag LabrY
Sarah Exton30 N
Mary Exton8 N
John Exton6 Y
Dewey Exton2 Y
William Exton1 mth Y

1851 Census (Sewstern)

William ExtonHeadM53Coal HigglerBuckminster Leics
Sarah ExtonWifeF39 Stamford Lincs
Dewey ExtonSonM12ScholarBuckminster Leics
William ExtonSonM10ScholarSewstern Leics
Sarah ExtonDaugF8ScholarSewstern Leics
Alice ExtonDaugF5ScholarSewstern Leics
James ExtonSonM6 mths Sewstern Leics
You'll notice that the ages are not consistant, except for the children. It's as though they can't remember how old they are?

1861 Census (Sewstern)

William ExtonHeadM62Coal DealerBuckminster Leics
Sarah ExtonWifeF48 Stamford Lincs
William ExtonSonM21Ag LabourerSewstern Leics
Violet ExtonD in LawF23 Walcot Lincs
James ExtonSonM9ScholarSewstern Leics
Mary ExtonDaugF5ScholarSewstern Leics

These are now the 1871 records of William (junior) and wife Violet (Aunsby is about 10 miles from Buckminster and Sewstern). The 1st daughter Sarah A Exton is named after her mother.

1871 Census (Aunsby)

William ExtonHeadM32ShepherdSewstern Leics
Violet ExtonWifeF31 Walcot Lincs
Sarah A ExtonDaugF8ScholarSewstern Leics
John ExtonSonM5ScholarSewstern Leics
George ExtonSonM2 Sewstern Leics