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Marriage Certificate (04-08-1906) Samuel Ashton to Florence Fazackerley

Samuel Ashton marriage certificate

The things I remember about by grandfather:-
He came from a poor family and wanted to better himself. This he achieved, but all through his life he was a miser, probably due to his upbringing and was frightened of lossing his wealth. He liked a drink of beer but not excessive, and liked to smoke a few Park Drive cigarettes. He also liked to gamble on dog racing, but very rarely ever won anything.

That was it really and never went on holiday, though he could well afford too.

He had a television that could recieve ITV which had just started broadcasting, but he would only watch BBC. What was the point of buying the latest TV? There where only two channels then, and you had to be rich to have the latest television. What a strange life he lead that differs so much from what we now expect of life.