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Born: 27-03-1909 at 136 Hollins Mount, Unsworth.
I was shocked to find that there is no postal address today as "Hollins Mount". But after some investigation at the local post office, it is actually a row of houses and still bears a name-plate on the side. It was probably known as this back in the early 1900's.
This address is actually 136 Hollins Lane, Unsworth, Whitefield, Bury.

May Ashton birth certificate
Died: 14-07-1955 at City General Hospital, Sheffield aged 46 years.

May Ashton desth certificate
May Ashton The photograph was taken around 1946 I think. The little one is me, and I'm guessing that I would have been roughly 6 months old.

May was one of only 2 daughters to Samuel Ashton and Florence Fazackerley.

The other daughter was named Dorothy.