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Born: 23-05-1906 at 224 Petre Street, Sheffield.
Died: 08-09-1974 at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield.

George Higgins Exton birth certificate details

It was thought that he was the only child of George William Exton and Elizabeth Higgins, but it now seems that he may have had a sister, Violet Exton born 1910 and died 1911. It's possible that he was never told of this, as he would only have been just 4 yrs old when she was born.

If anyone is from Sheffield, the cafe was called "May's Bar" (my mother's name) just opposite the old Laccarno Ballroom in London Road. It was one of the first cafes to have a Juke-box. A threepenny bit per record, sixpence for two, and if you were really rich, a shilling for five.

I remember a record "Six White Horses" by John Leyton, which was played more than any other record. I have that recording now, just out of sentimentality. Not one I'd personally recommend though.

We used to get people coming in to borrow a tie so they could get into the ballroom, and we had a selection just for that purpose. Every tie was returned, which I don't think would happen now-a-days!