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George William Exton born: 04-08-1868 Sewstern
Father: William Exton - Mother: Violet (Violette) Bristow

George William Exton birth certificate

Wife Violette was illiterate as she uses a cross to sign her name, so it's not surprising that "Violet" was used in later documents.
Marriage Certificate 14-06-1905 to Elizabeth Higgins

George William Exton marriage certificate

George gives the address of 35 Bolsover Road (which may have been used as a convenience address to allow the marriage to take place at a church of their choice). But, they end up living at 224 Petre Street, as George Higgins Exton (my father) was born there in 1906.

George William dies in 1932, and Elizabeth later remarries to a John T. Beard in 1933.
Death Certificate of George William 02-05-1932

George William Exton death certificate

Notice that G. H. Exton (my father) was present at the death.

1881 Census for Dowsby, Lincoln

NameRelationMarital StatusAgeBirthplaceOccupation
William ExtonHeadN/a40Buckminster, LeicesterShepherd
Violet ExtonWifeN/a40Walcot, LincolnShepherds Wife
George ExtonSonN/a12Sewstern, LeicesterScholar
Naomi ExtonDaugN/a9Aunsby, LincolnScholar
James ExtonSonN/a6Morton, LincolnScholar
Fred ExtonSonN/a3Hemingby, Lincoln 
The family has moved again, 3 miles down the road where there was probably work. George has left home as he's not mentions in this 1891 census, but appears next in the 1901 Sheffield census, as there would have been jobs available in the many Steel Works in Sheffield.

1891 Census for Ripplingale, Lincolnshire

NameRelationMarital StatusAgeBirthplaceOccupation
William ExtonHeadMarried49Buckminster, LeicesterShepherd
Violet ExtonWifeMarried47Walcot, LincolnShepherds Wife
James ExtonSonSingle16Morton, LincolnFarm Serv
Fred ExtonSonN/a13Hemingby, LincolnScholar
Walter ExtonSonN/a10Dowsby, LincolnshireScholar
Lizzie ExtonDaugN/a7Dowsby, LincolnshireScholar
George's age below has been entered wrongly as 38 here, and should be 33 which is probably a mistake in the records.
Notice the spelling of Walcot, Aunsby and Sewstern (below), which are spelt how they sound.

1901 Census for 76-78, Petre St. Sheffield

NameRelationMarital StatusAgeBirthplaceOccupation
Violet ExtonHeadWidow60Wallcoth, Lincolnshire 
George ExtonSonSingle38Sewston, LeicestershireCrane Driver in Steel Works
Naomi ExtonDaugSingle29Annsby, Lincolnshire 
Fred ExtonSonSingle23Horncastle, LincolnshireCrane Driver in Steel Works
Walter ExtonSonSingle20Dowsby, LincolnshireLabourer in Steel Works
Lizzie ExtonDaugSingle17Dowsby, Lincolnshire 
76-78, Petre Street were small back-to-back houses. Two houses are now needed. George's father (William) is deceased by this time, and is verified in the marriage certificate.

1901 Census for 224, Petre St. Sheffield

NameRelationMarital StatusAgeBirthplaceOccupation
Harriet E. HigginsHeadWidow60RawmarshNone
Elizabeth HigginsDaugSingle31SheffieldFancy Draper
As George was living at 76-78 Petre St. and Elizabeth was living at 224 Petre St., it is obvious how they meet up and got married, having just one child George Higgins Exton. (who takes his middle name from his mother's maiden name)